Wedding Photography at Greenway in Houston

This wedding is a story of resilience.

A month before their wedding date this beautiful couple initiated the old tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon in the spot where they would say their vows and become husband and wife.  Hurricane Harvey rolled through and ruined the wedding site, but they were determined for their story to go on.  Not only did these two recover their muddy bottle of bourbon, but with the help of friends and family were able to recover their wedding.  They found a new venue, a new theme in ‘Come Hell or High Water’, and a new rainbow color scheme representing the beauty after the storm.

After the newlyweds ran through a tunnel of lavender and confetti, got in their car, and drove away to enjoy life together I sat back and reflected on how perfect their wedding was.  Had nobody said anything you’d think it had all been meticulously planned for months.  The bride said it best just before the ceremony when she remarked to her bridesmaids, “I know this wasn’t our original plan, but today has been amazing and I feel like this is how it was meant to be all along.”

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